Treatment of acute cerebral infarction with a choline precursor in a multicenter double-blind placebo-controlled study.

Tazaki Y, Sakai F, Otomo E, Kutsuzawa T, 
Kameyama M, Omae T, Fujishima M, Sakuma A.

Department of Medicine, 
Kitasato University, Sagamihara, Japan.
Stroke 1988 Feb;19(2):211-6


A multicenter double-blind placebo-controlled study of cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine (CDP-choline) was conducted to evaluate possible clinical benefits of the drug in patients with acute, moderate to severe cerebral infarction. The patients included also suffered from moderate to mild disturbances of consciousness, and all were admitted within 14 days of the ictus. Patients were allocated randomly to treatment with either CDP-choline (1,000 mg/day i.v. once daily for 14 days) or with placebo (physiological saline). One hundred thirty-three patients received CDP-choline treatment, and 139 received placebo. The group treated with CDP-choline showed significant improvements in level of consciousness compared with the placebo-treated group, and CDP-choline was an entirely safe treatment.

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