An open study on the clinical efficacy of citicoline (CDP-choline) in patients with chronic cerebral vasculopathy

Rossi M, Zanardi M. 

Divisione Neurologica, 
USL 11, Ospedali Civili Sampierdarena Genova.
Clin Ter 1993 Feb;142(2):141-4


In this study we evaluated the safety/efficacy of CDP-choline in 30 patients affected by atherosclerotic processes with cerebral localization. Aim of this study was to confirm, from a clinical point of view, the efficacy of CDP-choline in increasing blood flow in the vascular zone and in exerting a trophic action on cerebral cells improving the symptoms related to the chronic cerebrovasculopathy. Therapeutic effect was evaluated, by means of subjective parameters, at the beginning, during and at the end of the study. The results obtained were statistically analyzed confirming the efficacy of CDP-choline on the subjective symptomatology. Safety was excellent in all cases.

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