Effects of CDP-choline on the recovery of patients with head injury.

Calatayud Maldonado V, Calatayud Perez JB, Aso Escario J.

Department of Neurosurgery, 
Hospital Clinico de Zaragoza, Spain.
J Neurol Sci 1991 Jul;103 Suppl:S15-8


A single blind randomized study has been conducted in 216 patients with severe or moderate head injury, with the aim of comparing the evolution of those that received only conventional treatment with the evolution of those treated with CDP-choline. Our results indicate that CDP-choline improves the global outcome of patients. We have found a trend towards a greater improvement in motor, cognitive and psychic alterations in the patients treated with CDP-choline, as well as a shortening of the stay in the hospital ward in the patients receiving this drug that initially presented with severe head injuries.

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