Therapeutic value of citicoline (CDP-choline) in the treatment of glaucoma (computerized and automated perimetric investigation).

Pecori Giraldi J, Virno M, Covelli G, Grechi G, De Gregorio F. 

Clinica Oculistica
Universita Di Roma La Sapienza, Italia.
Int Ophthalmol 1989 Jan;13(1-2):109-12


The favourable neurotrophic effects obtained by means of the intramuscular administration of CDP-choline, one of the intermediate compounds of phospholipids, on the visual field of patients suffering from open-angle glaucoma are referred. The drug was administered at the dose of 1 gm for ten consecutive days. Visual field was examined by means of central computerized perimetry and automated perimetry. All patients had well controlled intraocular pressure through beta-blockers, but presented characteristic glaucomatous perimetric defects.  It is suggested that CDP-choline might be administered as a useful complement to conventional hypotensive therapy, since it acts positively on the glaucomatous optic nerve damage.

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